Oshra Tishbi Fine Food

My guests arrive from all over Israel and abroad to visit the winery, and to taste and learn about wine. The serving of food combined with the tasting of wine is a daily occurrence at the winery. In our restaurant, you can find natural, nutritious and delicious food, just like the food I serve in my home. Our new series, “Fine Foods by Oshra Tishbi”, is a natural progression that developed alongside the winery. I am pleased to share with you the savory tastes of our country-style kitchen, which you can experience in our restaurant and take home to share with your family. The series is comprised of a wide variety of products which I use on a daily basis: olive oil, honey or fresh fruit preserves, as well as new products inspired by the winery and the restaurant. Wine and fine food go hand in hand and each combination creates a unique taste of its own. Our product range is constantly expanding: from our wide array of Mediterranean food products, to other gourmet products related to wine, food, and healthy living. The range’s flagship product is our wine preserves – produced from wine extractions and categorized according to the different grape varieties. Our wine jellies may be used for cooking, baking, as a spread, a topping and more. I believe that both food and wine should be exciting, whether you are simply enjoying some quiet, quality time on your own or when you want to make someone else happy with a wonderful, tasty gift. In my opinion, food prepared with attention and enthusiasm is always more delicious; it’s all a matter of the culinary experience itself, and what you take away with you after the meal. I invite you to share the experience – to taste, enjoy, and dare to indulge your senses.

Valrhona Chocolate

In 1922, an Artisan pastry chef, Albéric Guironnet, opened a chocolate factory, the Chocolaterie du Vivarais, in Tain l’Hermitage (France), known today as Valrhona. Planter, Selector and Blender, Valrhona has cultivated a passion for rare, high quality cocoa beans around the world: the origins of exceptional chocolate. As opposed to current practices, Valrhona does not buy its cocoa at random from fluctuating and erratic markets, but rather involves itself at the source of cocoa production. To Valrhona, the notion of origins is not a quality in itself, unless it is determined by the strict demands born of a passion for taste. A blend of fine cocoa beans of different varieties and origins, specifically combined to reveal all of their aromatic potential. The taste of Valrhona products is acknowledged, both by professionals and chocolate gourmets, as being frank, typical, complex… in a word, exceptional. For over 15 years, Valrhona has built up a “cacaothèque”, a data bank recording information about the taste and flavour of each variety of cocoa analysed.  It is from this data that the chocolates of the future can be assembled along with the pure origins. Taste is the fundamental criteria for quality at Valrhona, and our sensorial analysis laboratory is one of the most exclusive in the profession. More than 160 people from the chocolate making industry constitute the tasting juries for raw materials, products in the course of development or finished products.