Creation Gourmandes

Providing more than a standard chocolate taste, the “Creations Gourmandes” collection offers products that inspire creative expression for professionals to design the desserts and delicious sweets of tomorrow.  

P 125 Coeur de Guanaja

A Revolutionary Chocolate Concentrate. High Chocolate Content with Lower Cocoa Butter. Inspired by pastry chefs seeking a chocolate to use in recipes in which the fat content restricts the amount of chocolate that can be added. Valrhona’s R&D department and L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat create Coeur de Guanaja through careful research and groundbreaking technology.

Ivoire 35%

White Chocolate A lightly sweetened white chocolate, with delicate flavors of fresh milk and vanilla

Cafe Noir 57%

A Combination of Arabica and Cocoa. Dark Chocolate A harmonious blend of fine cocoa and Arabica coffee.

Éclat 61%

Dark Chocolate Sticks A stick of Dark Chocolate 61% with a unique shape, slim and original, that introduces a new way to enjoy chocolate with finesse and elegance. Its shape is perfect for dipping in your cup of coffee, prolonging the magic of coffee time, or for that after dinner treat.