The “Equatoriale” collection is designed for professionals and offers recipes which would work best for a specific chocolate or chocolate couverture. Each chocolate blend has a distinctive composition which can be used for specific recipes.

Equatoriale Dark 55%

For Coating - Dark Chocolate Equatoriale Dark 55 % is renowned for its balanced taste and its ease of use.

Equtoriale Milk 35%

For Coating. Milk Chocolate A chocolate distinguished by the smoothness of its taste and its light and bright color.

Satilia 62%

For Coating - Dark Chocolate bonbons. Bitter on the attack, followed by subtle aromas of sweet almond give way to long roasted, chocolaty notes.

Satilia 35%

For Coating. Milk Chocolate Specifically created for the purpose of coating chocolate bonbons. A dominant chocolate taste with a hint of biscuit and not too sweet.

Extra Cocoa Paste 100%

Dark Chocolate A unique and subtle blend of cocoa beans, initial acidulous notes develop into roasted cocoa beans, giving way to a mouth-filling richness accompanied by a pure, sharp bitterness. Extra Cocoa Paste is remarkable for reinforcing the chocolate taste in many recipes, powerfully enriching their flavor.