Wine Jellies

Oshra Tishbi Fine Food

My guests arrive from all over Israel and abroad to visit the winery, and to taste and learn about wine. The serving of food combined with the tasting of wine is a daily occurrence at the winery. In our restaurant, you can find natural, nutritious and delicious food, just like the food...

Oshra Tishbi Preserves & Jellies

Our wide range of Wine and Fruit Preserves offers a sensational combination of the finest fruits and family Estate Wines. Fruit and wine are often used as a perfect accompaniment to cheese

Oshra Tishbi Honey

Our honey is 100% natural, quality wildflower honey and contains no food coloring or preservatives.

Oshra Tishbi Olive Oil

Our excellent, virgin olive oil is golden-green in color and has a velvety texture. Characterized by its pepper and herb fragrance and just a touch of spiciness, our cold-pressed oil is rich in anti-oxidents and cholesterol-free...

Oshra Tishbi Recipies

My Favorite Strawberry Champagne Cookies; Pistachio Cream and Cherry Shiraz Tart; Mango Chardonnay and Goat Cheese Savory Tart; Goats Cheese custard, Cabernet Fig jam Mustard Parley dressing, Romaine lettuce and cheese crips