White wine


This sparkling wine is both gentle and elegant. The aromas and flavors are of peach and sunflowers. Winemaking: This Brut was produced according to the traditional methods used in the Champagne region of France.

Estate Chardonnay

This harmonious and balanced wine displays concentrated flavors of apples, pears, white peaches and fresh pineapple. This wine is a perfect accompaniment to cheeses and any dairy cuisine, fish and sushi.

Estate Sauvignon Blanc

Tishbi Estate Sauvignon BlancThe more mature vines are chosen which yield smaller quantities of grapes reflecting a concentrated fruit aroma. With herbaceous and freshly-cut grass aromas, this wine displays fruity and green pepper flavors. We suggest serving

Tishbi Gewürztraminer

This is a fruity wine with aromatic scents of pineapple, litchi, white peach, passion fruit and jasmine. Recommended wine accompaniment is salmon, tuna and cheeses.

Tishbi Sauvignon Blanc

The wonderful aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are thanks to the fertile slopes of Zichron Ya’akov. Upon tasting this wine, one experiences a rich, delicate sensation, herbaceous fragrances and fruity flavors. We suggest grilled fish and Mediterranean

Tishbi Emerald Riesling

This wine has a unique character expressed by its fruity aromas and floral finish. One is exposed to the wonderful fragrances of ripe melon and nectarines.

Tishbi French Riesling

One of the youngest and most popular wines in the winery. This especially refreshing, semi-dry white wine has an abundance of refreshing fruity aromas. The combination of the slight sourness of the French Colombard, together

Tishbi Muscat Alexandroni

This refreshing and exotic semi-dry white wine has a permanent loyal group of followers. As Jonathan Tishbi proudly notes: “This is my personal favorite variety. When I first established the winery,